i ordered a bag that is made by SAG. its collaboration bag with MASH. MASH PACK

but they postponed the shipping date from november to january. kind of sad but im not in japan, so its ok.
SAG LIFE is japanese bag brand. they are making some stuffs for biking, snowboarding, surfing, skating... really good!! check out their website.


i dont know what i should post...

my bike is ready! (my rear tire was stolen a month ago. i bought a rear tire and cog... there are lots of bike thieves in toronto be careful especially on bloor st) finally i could ride on my bike! but almost finish the cycling season. its gonna be snowing soon.

have you ever eaten burrito? my co-worker told me a really nice burrito shop in downtown of toronto.burrito bandidos fucking tasty burritos... check it out!

here's a picture of new BMW frame is called "The Launchpad". its trick specific frame. i really wanna buy it but im not sure i can get extra money... im gonna try to save money and get it!


awesome vintage sunglasses

one of my friends collect and sell vintage sunglasses. check out his website and blog. cazal, rayban, persol, carrera, alpina, etc... bunch of sunglasses you can see. its really great site.